Is this a Transport for Wales project?

    In short, no.

    Although the Commission are being supported by Welsh Government and Transport for Wales Secretariat, as well as its supply chain partners where needed, the North Wales Transport Commission is an independent body that has been tasked to review transport as a whole in the region.

    What is the North Wales Transport Commission?

    The North Wales Transport Commission is a panel of independent commissioners, announced by Welsh Government in March 2022, who will recommend on how to build a sustainable and integrated transport system for North Wales. The full terms of reference of the Commission are provided here:

    Who are the Commissioners?

    The Commission is being Chaired by Lord Burns GCB, who was responsible for delivering the successful South East Wales Transport Commission. He is being supported by an additional six Commissioners: Dyfed Edwards (Deputy Chair), Professor John Parkin, Ashley Rogers, Doctor Georgina Santos, Sue Flack, and Stephen Joseph OBE, as well as two advisory members of the Commission from Transport for Wales: Glyn Evans and Ruth Wojtan, and one from the Office for Statistics Regulation: Robert Kent-Smith. Further detail of the Commissioners is provided on the dedicated Welsh Government webpage:

    Where can I find further information on the North Wales Transport Commission?

    A dedicated webpage has been established by Welsh Government for the North Wales Transport Commission here: the Interim Report (June 2023) and Progress Statement (January 2023) published by the Commission are provided on this webpage.

    What is Transport for Wales’ role in this project?

    The Commission are being supported by Welsh Government and Transport for Wales Secretariat, as well as its supply chain partners where needed. The Commission itself consists of an independent panel and is therefore separate to Transport for Wales.

    Why is this consultation being hosted by Transport for Wales?

    In conjunction with the Commissioners, Welsh Government Secretariat, and supply chain partners, it was agreed that utilisation of Transport for Wales’ public engagement platform would be most effective in reaching a wide audience.

    What happens to my feedback and comments?

    Following closure of the consultation period, your feedback will be considered by the Commission to help inform the recommendations of the Commission to Welsh Government.

    What if I think of something after the consultation period has closed?

    If you have any further comments to raise following the consultation period, please provide any comments by email to:, or by post to: FAO: North Wales Transport Commission, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ. Whilst the Commission cannot promise to incorporate your comments following the closing date, they will endeavour to take into account your feedback wherever possible.

    How can I provide comments to the Commission without completing the survey on this webpage?

    For any comments that have not been provided as part of the survey or elsewhere on this webpage, please contact the project team as follows:

    I am having technical difficulties in accessing material on this webpage, can this be addressed?

    If you are having any technical difficulties with this webpage, please contact:[DG1] 

    What is the Commission’s current programme?

    Following publication of the Interim Report in June 2023, it is intended that the Commission will develop their final recommendations over Summer 2023, with a view to providing final recommendations to Welsh Ministers in Autumn 2023.

    What will happen after the Commission is finished?

    The Commission will provide its recommendations to Welsh Government, after which Welsh Ministers will consider the findings and provide a statement as to their acceptance of the findings.