Where is the compound going to be located?

    We will be temporarily using a section of the playing fields behind Colwinstone Street and Colwinstone Close

    When will work begin at the compound site?

    We began setting up the North and South compound sites in February 2024. 

    How long will the compound be there for?

    The compound will then be mobilised and will be in use until the bridge is completed, in Summer 2024. 

    Will the public still have access to the playing fields when the compound is in use?

    Yes. The public can access the playing fields via the top of Colwinstone Close.

    What will happen to the site after the compound is no longer used?

     The area will be landscaped in accordance with the replanting and landscaping plan.

    Is there ramp access on the bridge?

    There will be ramp access from Wingfield Road onto the bridge deck and steps down to the allotment side of the railway line 

    Why is there not ramp access on both sides?

    The bridge design allows for future retrofitting, ensuring full accessibility. The addition of a ramp on the allotment side will rely on when funding becomes available through the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council.

    When will the bridge be open?

    The bridge will be lifted into place in June 2024. TfW aim to open the footbridge to the public in Summer 2024.