05 February 2024

Begin compound mobilisation

Remove and realign South Access fence 

Slew cables on North Side 

Install stone protection mat at entrance to compound

Install haul road

18 February 2024

Preparation for piling works

Installation of a piling mat and ramp

26 February 2024

De-vegetation (tree felling)

Tree felling to create space for the bridge footprint and access to the railway line for construction work. 

This work will continue until the 5th March.

07 March 2024

Compound set up completed

18 March 2024

Piling works start

Piling works to create the foundations for the footbridge. 

This work will take place from the 11th March and will continue until the 26th March. 

08 June 2024

Bridge installation

The bridge will be lifted into place on the 8th June. This work will continue until the 15th June.